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Mohabbat-ul-Asrar (Secrets of Divine Love) is another great book by Sultan Bahoo containing ocean of Divine secrets in a drop. The revered author who is the sultan of all Mystics, touches the heart and soul of the reader while teaching him the lesson of love and showing the path of closeness and vision of Allah. His diction is clear and the words have spiritual efficacy for the pure ones. A must read for the seekers of Divine love.

The book Mohabbat-ul-Asrar is also known by the title Tarfa-tul-Ain (Blink of an Eye) as it takes the true seeker of Allah to Him in a split second. As Sultan Bahoo writes, “My dear! This book can immerse you in Divine Oneness in a blink of an eye and bless you with presence of Mohammadan Assembly that are the favours beyond measure.”

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